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Zero Fugitive Emissions, Forever

We design extreme condition magnetic valves with absolutely zero leaks. Our ZER0 valve technology solves the fugitive emissions problem and it lasts forever.

Valves & Fugitive Emissions Overview

Our ZER0 Valve Other Magnetic Valves Bellow Valves Traditional Valves
Leak-proof to outside environment
Enables Six Sigma Performance
Maintenance Required External Handle Only Internal + External Magnets Bellows Usually Gland Seal & Shaft
Performance Degrades Over Life No - only Handle Could Degrade Yes - when subjected to high temperatures Potential Fatigue of Bellows Gland Seal & Shaft Often Erode
Potential Temperature Range Not Specifically Limited if Handle Cooled Antifreeze Temps to Less than Boiling (water) Not Specifically Limited Not Specifically Limited Except Seal
Steam Valve Capability
Hermetic Seal Possible
Solder and Braze Seals Possible
Access for Internal Maintenance Required No - Nominally zero wet-side maintenance Yes, Internal Coupling Requires Access Maybe - Bellow could Fail Yes

30 billion dollars lost per year in the oil and gas industry due to fugitive emissions


Fugitive greenhouse gases (GHGs) have global warming potentiaL nearly 24,000 times greater than CO2


Valves account for more than 51% of all the fugitive emissions in the oil and gas industry

Fugitive emissions include powerful greenhouse gases such as methane and helium. Leaky valves are responsible for approximately two-thirds of fugitive emissions at a typical petrochemical refinery.

Current valves have numerous design limitations that cause leaks and extensive maintenance, safety, environmental, and financial problems. Violating EPA standards can result in fines of up to $10,000 per day per valve.

Zero-emission valve technology could reduce 5,600 tons/year of toxic air pollution and 52,000 tons/year of organic compounds currently released to the atmosphere. The market has never before had a high-temperature magnetic valve that can be hermetically-sealed and is guaranteed to be lifetime leakproof.

A new stemless valve technology eliminates the need for valve stem maintenance and pays dividends many times over in reduced maintenance, improved safety, lower lifetime cost of valves & valve parts, and zero emissions. It is particularly appealing to the oil industry since recent supplies of oil such as fracking wells contain high concentrations of volatile components such as H2S.

Top 5 Problems with Current Valve Technology

  • Traditional valves can develop leaks over time – especially at their stem seals and especially in harsh environments that contain dirt, dust, sand, steam, or salt water.
  • Leaky stem seals can endanger workers by leaking steam, toxic gases, & volatile substances such as H2S, cause environmental damage & incur issues with the EPA, and waste or contaminate valuable end products.
  • Leaking valves also consume resources for repairs, repacking, re-honing, replacement, and other maintenance activities – leading to overall system level down time, reduced availability, and reduced reliability.
  • Previous generations of leak-proof valves had other issues including bellows that could fatigue, temperature restrictions, or the need for continuous (active) power consumption even in a static position.
  • Because of these issues, previous generations of leak-proof valves haven't achieved mainstream acceptance, and couldn't be implemented in to networks to achieve 6-sigma system level reliability.

Our ZER0 Technology

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Our ZER0 valve technology promises to disrupt all previous standards for valves and fugitive emissions.

Currently, no other valve technologies offer this level of reliability and extreme durability as the ZER0 valve. Speak to a PLEXIS Engineer to learn more about our technology.

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  • Zero emissions = no environmental waste, no fines
  • Hermetically-sealed from toxic or flammable liquids or gases
  • Lower lifetime total cost of ownership
  • No maintenance such as repacking
  • High-temperature applications
  • Corrosion-free
  • Petrochemical plants, particularly refineries in the United States and Europe
  • Factories and chemical processing plants where valve maintenance increases costs and downtime
  • Liquefied natural gas (LNG) operations where highly-flammable leaks occur
  • Fracking operations where grit quickly degrades valve stems
  • Semiconductor foundries where a valve leak can be catastrophic or fatal
  • Factories with steam valves that contain dangerous leak-prone stem seals
  • Nuclear power plants with extremely dangerous steam and radioactive leakage
  • Plus many more...

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