The groundbreaking design of the PLEXIS ZERO™ valve has numerous advantages over the antiquated globe valve, as illustrated in the comparison below. Only the ZERO™ valve is designed for high-temperature, high-pressure, inherently corrosion-free performance.

The animated video below illustrates how a globe valve works

The PLEXIS ZERO™ Magnetic Valve

The PLEXIS ZERO™ valve is designed with significant improvements, as can be seen in the prototype below.

PLEXIS ZERO valve prototype

Key Improvements

  • The ZERO™ valve eliminates all possible leak paths through hermetically sealing the valve bonnet, and enabling welded, brazed, or soldered connections to the valve ports.
  • The ZERO™ valve contains no internal magnets. Thus, there are zero limitations for temperature range, and zero limitations on connection methods – the valve can be soldered, welded, or brazed in place for zero leaks and zero corrosion.
  • Previous generations of magnetic valves contained internal magnets that created temperature range restrictions and precluded them from being used in hermetically sealed and steam valve applications.
  • The U-shaped piece on the ZERO™ valve handle shows the “back iron” that completes a magnetic circuit between the back side of the magnets (the sides not facing the valve). The faces of the magnets aimed at the valve conduct through the core inside the valve, but no magnets are actually contained inside the sealed valve enclosure. This complete magnetic circuit makes the magnetic coupling dramatically stronger than what could be achieved by previous generations of magnetic valves.
  • The external portion of the magnetic couple or handle can be either turned by hand or hooked up to a motorized actuator.