Sept. 19, 2017, Maui, Hawaii. PLEXIS Engineering, a subsidiary of PLEXIS Corporation, announces its revolutionary ZERO™ valve technology guaranteed for zero fugitive emissions and zero leaks for the lifetime of the valve, eliminating fugitive emissions for petrochemical industries and many other applications.

“Our extreme-duty ZERO™ stemless valve technology will end the petrochemical industry’s enormous, costly problem with fugitive emission pollution,” said Ned Davis, Chief Innovation Officer at PLEXIS Engineering. “After seven years of innovation and iterations we have created the first extreme-duty, high-temperature magnetic valves guaranteed for zero leaks across the lifetime of the valve.”

Solving the Fugitive Emissions Problem

Fugitive emissions from petrochemical operations cause massive amounts of pollution and contribute to climate change. Leaky valves are responsible for approximately two-thirds of fugitive emissions at a typical petrochemical refinery. Violating Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) standards can result in fines of up to $10,000 per day per valve. PLEXIS’ ZERO™ valve technology could reduce 5,600 tons/year of toxic air pollution and 52,000 tons/year of organic compounds currently released to the atmosphere.

Legacy valve designs by nature of their stem seal architecture inevitably leak as they age (especially, when exposed to harsh environments containing dirt, steam, or salt water), require extensive maintenance regimens, and cause safety, environmental, and financial issues. Even sealed bellows type valves exhibit measurable fugitive emissions due to their thin walls and welds, and eventually fatigue, must be replaced, and impact plant shutdown time and additional maintenance and replacement costs.

Previous magnetic valve technology had three distinct design barriers: it couldn’t withstand high enough temperatures for many industrial and power/steam applications, it required a static seal that could still leak since it couldn’t be hermetically sealed, and it was prone to internal corrosion and magnet damage. PLEXIS’ ZERO™ valve design overcomes all three of these limitations.

Achieving the Pinnacle of Six Sigma Reliability

The unparalleled excellence of the PLEXIS ZERO™ rotary-actuated valve design exceeds all other industry standards in its achievement of the Six Sigma pinnacle of leakproof guarantees.

“Thanks to our groundbreaking design that has no rotating stem seal to leak, we can guarantee zero stem seal leaks over the entire valve life,” said Jorge Yant, Chief Executive Officer at PLEXIS. “This design allows valves or systems of valves to be built to any specification for reliability including advanced Six Sigma methods. Since we have eliminated the possibility of stem leaks, multiple valve seats can be built in series to boost reliability in a probabilistic manner. This is not possible with traditional valves.”

PLEXIS ZERO™ stemless valve technology eliminates the need for valve stem maintenance and pays dividends many times over in improved safety, the lowest lifecycle costs in the industry, and zero fugitive emissions. The extreme longevity of this rugged design applies to a broad range of valve sizes from fractions of an inch to large oil and gas pipeline valves. It holds particular appeal for petrochemical plants, refineries in the United States and Europe, and liquefied natural gas (LNG) operations where highly-flammable leaks occur.

PLEXIS ZERO™ Valve Benefits

  • Zero emissions, zero environmental waste, and zero fines
  • The lowest total cost of ownership in the industry
  • High-temperature, high-pressure, severe-duty applications
  • No maintenance such as repacking
  • Hermetically-sealed and corrosion-free
  • Low/consistent actuation force since there’s no friction from the rotating seal

About PLEXIS Engineering

PLEXIS Engineering boasts a talented roster of acclaimed engineers based out of the Maui Innovation Group in Maui, HI. With the mission to revolutionize the magnetic valve, PLEXIS engineers work tirelessly to deliver disruptive valve technology to commercial and residential valve markets. PLEXIS Engineering is a privately-owned subsidiary of PLEXIS, Inc.

PLEXIS Engineering offers licensing arrangements to valve manufacturers to dramatically improve the reliability and life expectancy of rotary-actuated valves. Long-term, this helps the environment, improves valve safety, and saves money throughout the total lifetime cost.

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